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Development trend of Hasary
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In recent years, global economic integration has been accelerated and product exportation of China has increased rapidly. However, export enterprises and products of China encounter more and more resistance on technical regulations, standards, and qualified procedures assessing procedures. Enterprises’ adoption of standards, through international mutual authentification system and international certification localization, accelerate the enterprises to improve technical competitiveness and surpass oversea technical resistance better and achieve sustainable increase of foreign trade business.

Recently, the provincial and municipal technical supervision department assisted Hasary Laser products’ standard adoption in being authorized, which is the first case in laser processing equipment industry of China.

The adoption of standards cover all the products of  Hasary Laser.Provincial and municipal technical supervision department checked and approved the adoption of standards according to national industrial policies and requirements of Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of China. 
Actually, adopting international standards and advanced oversea standards is an important technical economic policy of China and an important part of technical introduction. 
Via products standard adoption, follow up international standardization development and according to the secretariat work of ISO and IEC, we attempt to transform the standard proposals into international standards. 

Hasary  Laser’s technical , from patent to standard, is not only an upgrade of management, but also a formidable weapon for success in market competition. Technical patentization, patent standardization and standard internationalization are the true significance for standard adoption of Hasary  Laser.  All the product standards will be upgraded automatically, which will be more beneficial for the products to participate in international market competition. 

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