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Hasary Work entertainment win-win in New Year
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Hasary Work entertainment win-win in New Year

2013 Chinese lunar calendars New Year is coming!!! Chinese people always will celebrate two New Year Festivals:a Solar calendars New Year and lunar calendars New Year.And perhaps the lunar calendars New Year Festival seems to be especially more boisterous.In Hasary laser,whats being done in the coming New Year?

As the New Year is coming,Hasary laser also present a lively atmosphere,not only in the aspect of work,but also in life.

Now staff of Hasary laser are doing their work in tension.As for the end of New Year,many things need to be summarized.However,Its not the end of business,and its just the beginning of the business.Therefore,Hasary staff are bustle about their work.

Hasary rehearsaling picture

In the other hand, Hasary staff are busy practising their entertainment programme-Drama <<Whitesnow>>,nonstop,from day today,hoping for bring laughter to all the viewing people and welcoming the New Year! And the rehearsaling day will be tomorrow,welcome people to watch the Drama:<<Whitesnow>>.


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