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CO2 Laser cuttig machine for acrylic
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CO2 Laser cuttig machine for acrylic

1. How can I remove scratches from acrylic? 
A: Removing acrylic scratches (ones that you can see or feel by passing a fingernail over them) can be accomplished by using Novus2 or Novus3 cleaner, depending on the severity of the scratch. If your acrylic piece is scored or gouged deeply, contact us for more detailed options that include sanding and refinishing.

2. Will acrylic melt?
A: While acrylic softens at higher temperatures, it does not actually melt until it reaches 320 °F (160 °C). Therefore, normal household use does not risk melting acrylic. Hot stovetop items should only be placed on an acrylic tabletop surface using a protective trivet or other padding, preferably with rubber cushions. As a safety precaution, never place acrylic directly on or next to an open flame or hot surface.

3.Can I bend or reshape acrylic myself?
A: This is not recommended. Acrylic must be heated in order to mold its shape, otherwise it will crack and break into pieces. However, it is flammable at certain temperatures so heating by open flame is not recommended, and other methods of heating may cause it to adhere to the heating device itself. Only professional technicians with the proper tools and safety equipment should attempt to heat and reshape acrylic items.

4.Is acrylic the same as “bullet-proof” glass?
A: No, bullet-resistant glass is made from polycarbonate. Trade names for the base material include Armormax, Makroclear, Cyrolon, Lexan and Tuffak. Although it is more shatter-resistant, polycarbonate is more expensive than acrylic, yellows with prolonged exposure to sunlight, and is much more easily scratched. Therefore acrylic is more ideal for most interior and exterior design purposes.

5. Can acrylic be painted?
A: Yes, you can paint acrylic using, obviously, acrylic paint.

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