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Laser printer is also best companion code
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Now, according to their own product packaging material, can will electronic supervision code fu yards into play yards way across, heat to play yards, high resolution play yards 3 kinds. So now appear on the market three applies to level 1 fu equipment for work code.
1. The laser printer , belongs to the high resolution printer one kind, be applicable to the high analytical play yards, non-contact printing electronic supervision code,
2. Thermal transfer play yards paging machine, which are suitable for thermal transfer contact printing electronic supervision code.
3. Play yards conveyor, not only suitable for high resolution printer, fu code, but also across can cooperate for more like nozzle to spurt the code machine spurts India high-speed electronic supervision code.
Laser printer industry players in countries PuYao implement electronic supervision code of the latest development of the notice, the electronic monitoring system output machine. According to the customer for the material into boxes line, bottled lines; According to the speed is divided into high speed line line line, middle, low speed, the detection, eliminate the integration, diversion, and other functions.
Laser printer  business to customers of the implementation of the electronic monitoring equipment, need to understand the customers fu yards, detection, and eliminate, the shunt product size and client company other detailed to related products information, so as to systems integrators according to the customer the environment and the specific situation of the products suitable for the customer to choose, the reasonable implementation plan, to ensure that customers purchase the equipment to meet the requirements of customers, improve the production efficiency, the cost savings.
The ancients cloud: "people out, the kingdom will prosperous", in the drug "electronic id" complete coverage era, laser printer business to each customer each plan to give force to each program, every line to force, for every body line of code section to each body of each code section, force of every detail to force

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