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The Wide Application of Laser Marking Machine in Food Field
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 The Wide Application of Laser Marking Machine in Food Field


       People gradually increased the use of laser marking machine. As a emerging printing machine, laser marking machine increasingly shows the excellent quality, it starts to play an important role in printing industry. Past factories transfer into the application of laser marking.

      With the development of many years, laser marking machine has improved the production efficiency, so this machine is been widely used now. It proceeds with the production by laser tech, which is the way of untouched production. Compared with traditional printing, laser tech can avoid the deformation and damage for raw material, its printing design is more delicate, also it works more quickly.

      Food package is required strictly in packaging industry, and it is closely linked to our life, so the great importance of high efficiency laser marking machine is obvious. Laser marking machine takes the advantage of untouched printing way, it decreases the breakage of the sealing of packaging bag. Besides, it can laser printing bar code and QR code, this makes consumers tell the counterfeit easily. Also the promotion info can be printed by laser tech, it prevents from the huge change of the whole market.




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