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What are the components of the laser engraving machine?
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                                  What are the components of the laser engraving machine? 

       No matter laser engraving machine or woodworking engraving machine, The basic components are the same, What are its components?

     Laser engraving machine is usually composed of several parts:The following detailed interpretation,It is Convenient the customers can know more about the laser engraving machine structure, making understand more knowledge of laser engraving machine.

     Mechanical platform: a machine cover, such as the guide, base, reflective frame of mechanical parts.

     Transmission system: consists of four balanced three high precision imported linear guide rail, three high precision lead screw, belts, three stepper motors and several gears

     Auxiliary system: there is a circular cooling water pump and blowing air compressor, smoke exhaust fan.

    Optical system: consists of laser tube, laser power supply, three mirrors and a focus on head. 
    This is the samply components of the laser engraving machine,know much more about the laser engraving machine we could know much knowledge.

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