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Instructions for use of laser engraving machine
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                           Instructions for use of laser engraving machine 
        Laser engraving machine has applied to many areas.General laser engraving machine start operation:Line image processing,And also Set up the corresponding grid,After adjusting ,the first output of the border, in order to determine the position of the workpiece on the table,Then place the workpiece,after workpieces are put away,Press output key of software,And waiting for laser engraving machine receives the file,AFter engraving machine receives the file,You can press the start key to march red light positioning,And then press the start key processing.So,what should we pay attention to it?

       1.The laser engraving machine are in the process,we must not open the top cover,The consequences of doing so is to stop emitting laser head,Direct affect Carving.
       2.If we adopted AF mode,we are sure to check the whether the AF stick is fastened,Otherwise,In the process may it can result into a work table top to laser head,Consequences ranging from away from the track,Crush the laser head, causing irreparable damage.
       3.When laser engraving machine process the workpiece,Be sure to open the exhaust and blowing smoke mouth,In order to avoid soot pollution focusing lens and reflector lenses,Otherwise it will affect the lens focus and reflection,Thus indirectly affect the processing strength, machining accuracy,Resulting in loss of working time misunderstanding,But it also has the loss of material.

        We need to know much about the laser engraving machine for using.Pay attention to much about it,its very important to prove the quality of the products.

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