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How to deal with big noise Of glass engraving machine spindle
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           How to deal with big noise Of glass engraving machine spindle
   A loud sound will affect the normal operation of the glass engraving machine, and how to let the important glass engraving machine normal work ,you should know much about it .

A.the buzzing sound
When Motor conduct no-load operation,it produce similar beep sound,
And Motor occurs axial abnormal vibration,When it opens or shuts produces Hum.
Solution:This phenomenon appears in the bad state of lubrication,And both ends with a ball bearing motor in the winter,Mainly shaft aligning performance is not good,An unstable vibrations generated under the influence of the axial vibration.

B.pee-le-pa-la voice

It occur to Collision generated by the vibration of the cage and rolling bodies,No matter how grease types,It may be generated,When Withstand the torque load or radial clearance are large,this is easier to produce.
Solution:Improve the accuracy of the retainer,Selecting bearing clearance Or the bearings with Pre-load,Reduce installation errors, the choice of the good fats.

c.da da sound
Sound frequency changes with the speed of the bearing,Parts of the surface waviness is the main cause of the noise.
Solution:Improve the bearing raceway surface quality,Reduce the amplitude of the waviness,Reduce bruising,Fix clearance preload and tie,check the operation of the free end of the bearing,To improve the precision installation method of the shaft and bearing .

d.impurities tone
It is caused by the bearing or quality of cleanliness and issue an irregular abnormal sound,Sound sometimes no, sometimes big, sometimes small, occur frequently in the high-speed motor.
Solution:Choose good fats,Increase greasing cleanliness,Strengthen the sealing performance of the bearing,Improve the cleanliness of the installation environment.

   Deal with big noise Of glass engraving machine spindle,a good solution to let the machine run better, improve the efficiency and quality.

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