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Techniques of laser engraving machine in wood carving
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                 Techniques of laser engraving machine in wood carving  
         laser engraving machine has been used in many area,so the techniques of laser engraving machine in wood caving which we should know much about it .this is the techniques of laser engraving machine in wood carving.

(1) carved material :Log or raw wood

(2) wood carving
Generally speaking, In the wood carving it is usually Yin carving, And carving depth general requirements deep. This carving machine power general Settings is higher.

(3)Wood cutting

Carving machine cutting wood depth general is not deep, Maximum cutting depth is based on wood material and laser power,If you want to cut thick wood,you Can slow cutting speed, But it may cause wood combustion. Specific operation can try to use big specification lens, and USES the repeat cutting method.


after Wood carving ,it commonly will have a feeling of burning, With wood base color match have a kind of original artistic beauty, The color depth basically depends laser power and sculpture speed. But some wood is usually the soft texture, No matter what you cannot change its color (such as birch). For the finished products color, it can use polypropylene pigment.

(5) the performance of the gray

    Ordinary mechanical carving cannot on economic way carving weight differ point, Therefore it does not have gray form of expression.Tombstone engraving machine based on rbi way realization sculpture, it has in the gray level expression of natural advantages. So in sculpture design we try to use gray forms, The advantage is that on the one hand to reduce the coloring process  and saves Cost ;On the other hand,it rich engraving means of expression  and increase the level of the graphics .

    Laser engraving machine in wood carving applied to many areas,differnent techniques could endows us to know much more about the laser engraving machine working.

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