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The fault analysis of Laser Engraving machine
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                           The fault analysis of laser engraving machine

   When the laser engraving machine working has the fault , do you know what it happened.Alarm failure laser engraving machine overtravel alarm, indicating that the machine during operation has reached its limit for the position, check the following steps:

1, the dimensions of the bitmap is beyond the range of processing
2, check the machine the motor shaft with the screw connector is loose, tighten the screws.
3, machine and computer is correct ground.
4, the current base values is beyond soft limit numerical range.
Overtravel alarm and remove

  Overtravel, All sports shaft are automatically set in a dynamic state, As long as has been hold hand the direction key, when the machine left limit position (i.e. from overtravel point switch) will restore the connection at any time when the motion state.
when moving table,Pay attention to the direction of the movement. Must be away from the limit position.
Soft limit alarm should be set up in the coordinate can will XYZ reset
Not alarm fault
1, repeat machining precision is not enough, according to the first paragraph 2, article inspection.
2,when  the computer operating, The machine did not move. Check the computer control card and the electrical box connector is loose, If is, in tight, and tightening screw.
3, machine in return for mechanical origin to find a signal, according to article 2 check. Mechanical origin place close to switch failure.
Output fault
1. Dont output, please check the computer and control box is a good connection.
2. Open the carving manager in the setting of space is already full, delete manager inside dont file.
3. Signal wire connection is loose, carefully check the line is connected.

   This is the laser engraving machine fault analysis.If you have the problem about it ,you could know what it happened and know how to solve it .

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