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Selection guide of fiber laser cutting machine
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                                                                     Selection guide of  fiber laser cutting machine 
          How much information about the fiber laser cutting machine you know .From the technical requirements of the laser cutting machine applications and users point of view, the future direction of development of the laser cutting machine is undoubtedly high power, large-format, high-efficiency, a molding of high intelligence.

1.laser cutting machine selection to consider many factors, in addition to consider the maximum size of the workpiece material, the maximum thickness of the cut, as well as raw materials format size, the more the need to consider the future direction of development, for example, the do the technical modification of the product to the maximum workpiece size of the steel market, providing material processing format for yourself what kind of products the most material saving, loading and unloading time. Laser cutting machine is a high input and high output of modern equipment, and time savings for every one minute may mean earn ten yuan. The status quo is also laser the peripheral laser cutting machine cutting machine buyers must pay attention to the main points of the fierce market competition must be taken to avoid homogeneous competition.

2.the high status of the fiber laser flexible manufacturing systems with robots in the automotive industry and supporting industries a long time, used to be monopolized by foreign builders in recent years due to the financial crisis and the auto industry production technology continues to improve, especially in the domestic laser technology high-end manufacturers such as laborers - Fali Lai technology research in support of national policy, many foreign car in the high-end brands and national brands have valued the domestic high-end equipment, foreign ultrahigh share price arrogant and mystery opened, tear, laborers Fali Lai in recent years to the automotive user automotive body-in-white welding the car dashboard laser weaken the laser welding of automotive airbags, car bumpers, doors, columns, and other flexible robot cutter, laser welding of car bumpers, car exhaust pipe line welding system, the car becomes the file sets automatic laser cutting equipment, etc., users on-site 24 hours a stable and efficient production, allowing users praised laborers - Fali Lai also allow foreign integrators call "crying wolf"!

3.MINTER as the popularity of laser cutting machine applications mature equipment is more suitable for outside processing industry and its powerful ability to cut carbon steel 8mm, stainless steel 6mm tripartite feed high openness and accessibility of, but also its high cost is undoubtedly the best choice outside the processing industry, the stainless steel industry.

    High performance machine is really important,and its essential to choose a good machine that the best choice of machine will be better applied in different fields

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