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The information about the wood engraving machine tool
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                                                              The information about the wood engraving machine tool
1.wood engraving machine recommended speed to maintain a balanced speed as consistent as possible, in order to achieve better results, the cutting can not stay too long, to be coherent.
2.Jacket size to the right, cross-section, not round enough, wear, bore taper jacket must not be selected, otherwise it will lead to the hilt shake engraving not see the desired results.
3.Shank and jacket contact mild shank to firmly inserted into the jacket and tighten, if the hole in the jacket long time deformation, must be immediately replaced jacket.
4.Tool should always check the toughness, if you use blunt, replace it immediately, if you continue to use it not only carved ineffective also occur Duandao.
5.Cutting of different materials, it should be reasonable use of cutting speed.
6. body, clothes, hair should not be near the object of work.
7.Tool use special cleaning agents to remove dirt.
8. Buttered tool to prevent rust.
9.The tool can not own to grinding or change form.
10. the use of wood engraving machine punishable the processing thickness can not exceed the thickness of the edge can cut responsible will still appear Duandao.


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