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Safety matters of laser engraving machine
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                                Safety matters of laser engraving machine
     Do you want to know much about the laser engraving machine safety matters .If you want to understand easy opration of the laser engraving machine.You should pay attention to this :
(1)avoid the eyes look directly at the laser light

(2)using a laser in a controlled area, plus warning signs

(3)rights to use, only allowed to have professionally trained personnel to operate

(4) around the beam path as closed as possible to prevent laser light exposure

(5) Wear appropriate laser goggles

(6) the body to avoid the entrance beam and the reflected within the scope of

(7) remove the unnecessary work next to the object of reflective materials (such as: metal)

(8) Processing object next best appropriate cover

(9) laser body try to avoid to set up just the human eye height

(10) Note that the ventilation or exhaust position of the laser processing environment.
      The formation about the machine safety recognition, we can better know how to use the laser engraving  machine more better.


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