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How to use laser engraving machine
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                                                                                           How to use  laser engraving machine

    When the Laser engraving machine used to major safety, do you know how to maintain safety ,which is the safety precautions to use laser engraving machine  ?
1.due to the machine with a laser and high-pressure part of the non-professionals not disassemble the machine.
2.mirrors and focusing mirror use a professional camera lens paper or medical cotton swab dipped in alcohol and ether mixture wipe (ether and alcohol mixing ratio 1:3) should generally be at least once a week. All parts of the machine and the users computer during machine operation is forbidden to leave the operator in order to avoid unnecessary losses.
3.Be sure to turn on the fan when carving, to prevent pollution of the lens and the focusing mirror. Prohibited device placed near flammable, explosive materials, to prevent fires.
4.must be checked after each boot submersible pumps are water, no water pumps strictly prohibited work boot voltage instability is prohibited boot, we recommend using the regulator. is strictly prohibited without grounding, the machine start working. Laser power supply must be connected to earth ground shall not be connected to the doors and windows, plumbing and other facilities. Ground wire should be pulled outside the earth. is strictly prohibited in the device or place any irrelevant diffuse reflection objects, to prevent the laser directly reflected to the human body or flammable substances.
7.If the machine fails or fire off immediately.
8.untrained personnel prohibited.
9.shall hand sliding trolley or beams. Machine their environment pollution, no strong electric, magnetic and other interference and influence.
10.ground must be completely reliable to prevent equipment damage and electrostatic wounding.
11.winter must take the laser tube water off to avoid cracking the laser tube.
12.Using the buttons to force uniform, prohibit forced hit to prevent damage to the buttons.
13.thunder and lightning, do not start work.
14. water containers should be bigger, to ensure circulating water at 20 kilograms. The water temperature at 25 degrees. When the water temperature is too high should replace the circulating water. Circulating water is best to use pure water, to ensure that the water clean and free of debris. Regular replacement of circulating water (three days).
     If you know  much information about the laser engraving machine .you could use it more safety.

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