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Which materials can be processed by laser machine in Hasary?
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                                          Which materials can be processed by laser machine in Hasary?

  Laser machine almost can process any material, but laser cutting machine almost process on non-metallic materials by the laser transmitter power limits.

  The materials include: glass, plastic, color plates, wood, foam, fabric, leather, rubber plate, stone, artificial stone PVC board, color board and so on .

  The laser cutting machine of Wuhan Hasary Equipment Co., Ltd produce, slitting good quality, small deformation, the appearance of smooth, beautiful; kerf speed, high efficiency, low cost, safe operation, stable performance; imported servo motor and transmission-oriented institutions, high cutting precision. Professional software can be freely designed using a variety of graphics or text instant processing, processing of flexible, simple and convenient.It is easy to realize the laser beam splitting time or space, can be multi-beam or multi-station sequential processing processing.

  If you want to know much about the laser cutting  machine ,you could contact with us .




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