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The knowledge about a laser machine
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The knowledge about a laser machine

1.How can I choose the best machine for me?
There are three key questions to ask yourself when deciding on a
laser machine:

  ---What is your primary use (cutting, engraving etc.)?
  ---Wat materials do you want to work with?
  ---What size of material do you need to process?



2.What do I need to get started with A Hasary laser?

Hasary provides you with almost all of the equipment needed to start your laser machine working - all you need to supply mainly is the space for the machine to stand, a computer for your laser machine to run off (can be supplied by Hasary if required), the sockets of the laser equipments to connect , and the training for yourself.In a word, Hasary provides the laser machine, software, filtration and the knowledge on how to use it.

3.Do I need special technicians to run a l
aser machine?

No. the installation staff of Hasary will give you training on how to use your new laser machine with the software, and how to carry out the basic routine maintenance.Hasary lasers are similar to using a printer (only more versatile!) ,so the training is easy to understand and the laser machine is simple to operate.If you have any questions beyond this, then our trained staff can contact you by a phone call or email .  Hasary laser machine design and manufacture  are all made in the house, we have much knowledge on our lasers to help you run laser machines quickly.

Please contact us and speak to our sales team for more advice.





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