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How To Protect Laser Tube From Broken In Winter
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How To Protect Laser Tube From Broken In Winter
      Last tube is a must for every laser machine to work. So we should maintain laser tube in a good condition. Everybody knows glass easily broken, and there is no exception for laser tube. Since we usually equip our laser machine with glass laser tube.
      Winter is coming, it is colder like you imagine. So how can we protect glass tube well ?
            1.    Taking care the room temperature, to avoid it below 0 degree.
            2.    If the room temperature can not be controlled, recycled water should be excluded every day after the work finished.
            3.    Recycled water should be clean. So you can use pure water or distilled water, and change water is better.
      If you also need more maintance info, please feel free to send emial to me. Mail Address:

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