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Can HASARY Lasers Etch Metal?
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Can HASARY Lasers Etch Metal?

     HASARY  lasers contain YAG laser machine and co2 laser machine.

      Surely YAG laser marking machine can laser etch metal, only need you input the pattern into the computer, so the varying patterns can be informed.

      While CO2 laser machines  are used in doing non-metal materials. So CO2 Laser machines cann’t process metal, WRONG. Co2 Laser machines are also able to mark coated metals such as aluminum, or you can use a metal marking spray to etch on stainless steel and similar uncoated materials. But if you want a CO2 laser machines  etch metal, high power laser is a must. The laser beam will not eat into the metal, but rather performs a small chemical reaction with the coating on the metal to change the colouring, creating a contrast with the original colour. To etch into the surface of metals, even a fiber laser is a good choice.

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