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How To Prevent US From Laser Hazards ?
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How To Prevent US From Laser Hazards ?

      We Hasary are specialize in laser machines for several years.Nowadays lasers are being used in a wide range of industrial applications, and lasers also plays an important role in these fields.While if you still want to know whether lasers are bad for human-being and how to prevent from lasers hazards, follow me.

      Based on our laser protectors’practical experience, Yes, laser machines have a little bad effect for our health.
You know, Laser is unhealthy for our eyes, so laser protective glasses are one of typical equipments. Protector glasses will adjust laser strength according to the laser radiation of any laser machines.So the bad effects will reduce to little. 

     Also we human can protect ourselves from laser hazards, but good health is a must. So lasers operators can get Vitamin supplement, by eating carrots, bean, sprouts, tomatoes, lean, animal liver and other foods containing Vitamin A and Vitamin C. These foods are healthy for our eyes, and they can prevent us from the radiation of laser machines.

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