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The advantage of semiconductor laser marking machine on bracelet
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The advantage of Semiconductor laser marking machine on Bracelet

      Bracelet, as a kind of beautiful jewelry, it is made from gold, silver, jade, etc. Gold and silver bracelet is universally loved. Delicate bracelet requires subtle logo printing, while our semiconductor laser marking machine is a good choice.

      Semiconductor laser marking machine  shows outstanding strength on printing.

      1. It can make the deeper mark than fiber laser marking machine. Since semiconductor laser marking machine has irregular beam of light, it can inform a lots of focus point, and the energy of these focus points are the greatest.  While the light of fiber laser marking machine is parallel, it can only  inform the focus point when they are on the same horizontal, so its energy is less than the former.

     2. It has high speed. If printing logo or other delicate design on the gold or silver bracelet with semiconductor laser marking machine, the working time is extremely short, just a few seconds.

     3. The mark is rather perfect. Semiconductor laser marking machine uses the untouched processing style of light knife, with tiny spot, it leads to less heat influence, so the mark from semiconductor laser marking machine is wonderful.

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