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The Material Limitation for YAG Laser Cutting Machine
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  The Material Limitation for YAG Laser Cutting Machine

       YAG Laser Cutting Machine has been widely recognized in the cutting market. It is popular among many enterprises around the world, and the cutting material becomes more and more. But different materials with varying features, and they can absorb in different wavelength, so cutting material is limited for YAG Laser Cutting Machine.

       Cutting on highly reflective metal materials, like aluminum, gold and cropper, YAG Laser Cutting Machine has some difficulties. Since these materials reflect high energy light, and harm to the optical components, further to shorten the lifespan of YAG Laser Cutting Machine. Maybe many people will misunderstand that Laser machine can not laser cutting high reflective metal materials.

       Copper, aluminum and gold occupy high rate in the modern industry, so Hasary Laser is now researching new assist gas to solve the difficulty, and we believe someday we will make it.

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