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The Application of YAG Laser Marking Machine in Hardware
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The Application of YAG Laser Marking Machine in Hardware


     As modern efficiency marking tech, laser marking has obvious advantages than other traditional printing ways. YAG Laser Marking Machine best fits for hardware products, such as cooper, stainless steel, gold, aluminum and other metal material.

     YAG Laser Marking Machine can print any marks, like any words, number, product code, bar code, QR code, production date, etc. If print date, number or product code, the machine will mark these numbers different automatically. These marking words or image is both clear, dedicate, and it can’t be wiped or amended. So this tech can prevent from the sales of expired products and fake products.

      The image on hardware product printed by laser marking machine is rather subtle, even the line width can reach 0.04mm. Beautiful and clear mark, it will not fade with the time. These advantages make YAG Laser marking machine print some designs, such as QR Code, and the image, entirely better than one from press print and other traditional ways. So YAG Laser Marking Machine is being widely used all around the world.

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