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Laser Cutting Technology
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Laser Cutting Technology

Laser cutting is the single most widely adopted use of industrial lasers. Most cutting applications today utilize high power carbon dioxide lasers, which offer greater precision, accuracy and power. Laser cutting is achieved by focusing the laser energy to a sufficiently small spot diameter so as to achieve the necessary power density (watts/cm2) to vaporize the material. For best results, steel typically requires a power density of 1 x 107 to 1 x 108 watts/ cm2 together with an assist gas such as nitrogen, air or oxygen. Plate widths ranging from 6mm to 16mm are best cut using laser technology.
Benefits of Laser Cutting
1.High Precision:Positioning Accuracy 0.05mm,Repeatability 0.02 mm;
2.Narrow Cutting Kerf:the width of the kerf is about 0.10~0.20mm;
3.High Quality Edge Finished:the roughness of the cutting service is less than Ra12.5;
4.High Cutting Speed: max. cutting speed is up to 10m/min; the max. moving speed can be up to 120m/min;
5.Good Cutting quality: non-contact cutting, little heat efficiency and no hurt to the parts;
6. Good flexibility: both sheet plates and tubes can be cut; any figures can be processed;
7. Can both process on metal material and non-metal material, such as plastic, wood, pvc, leather, acrylic, etc.
8. Lower cost: it needn’t the moulds.
9. Material can be saved a lot:     

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