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Laser drilling
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Laser drilling cutting machine unlimited business

Fur and leather series since several years ago, the shoes can be found on fashion trends, many models in the use of a leather drilling technology, similar to the shape of butterflies, square, diamond-shaped hole. All kinds of leather products to add a lot of "Zise" and "vitality", which should have attributed to the laser drilling equipment.

As Fur and leather series, shoes, bags and other leather products of ever-changing styles.On base of requirements we have developed some laser cutting and laser marking machine adopt RF laser imported from USA, with large power, high frequency and long service life. Equipped with hi-tech dynamic focusing scanning mirror and control card, this kind of machine specially designed for the laser scanning with tiny light spot, large working range and high flexibility.Furthermore, this laser equipment is characterized by heavy application, compact construction, convenient and accurate installation. Accordingly to ensure the stability of the system under long-hours working conditions.
Requirements are also constantly improving, the traditional manual drilling machine far from meeting the requirements of enterprises, the laser drilling machine on clothing and footwear manufacturers to become the first choice, and use more and more. Seen in this light, leather laser drilling market opportunities unlimited.

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