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Hardware Products Optical fiber laser marking machine

Technical Feature:

1, with high speed (acuities 8000mm/s), high precision (< 0.003 mm), stable performance,
2, marking process non-contact, scanning effect a permanent,
3, volume is small and exquisite, applicable in the bad environment,
4 and have a long time continuous working ability,
5, free maintenance operation

Applicable Industry:

Used in telecommunications, automotive parts, instruments and meters, military products, hardware machinery, electronic components, measuring tools and sanitary ware, pharmaceutical packaging, food and beverage, medical equipment, handicrafts, cosmetics, solar energy, etc.
Apply to all kinds of metal and some nonmetallic marking.

Main Data:

Laser mode: base model
Laser wavelength: 1.064 muon m
The laser power: 10W 20W
Acousto-optic modulation frequency: 20KHz - 200KHz
Minimum characters: 0.01 mm
Engraving scope: 70 x 70mm / 110 x 110mm
Mark speed: 0-8000mm/s
Repeat precision: 0.003 mm
The form of cooling: air-cooled
Power supply: one 220V/kVA
The machine power: 500W

Sample Dispaly:


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