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3D Laser Engraving Machine
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 CXH-2000 3D Laser Engraving Machine

1. Compact and Portable: All-In-One design, compact size, light in weight, easy to move.
2. User Friendly and Easy to Operate: With touchscreen for computer operation and
Automatic center-positioning clamping device.
3. Shock-Protection Design: The kernel components are protected with shockproof
design to prevent any unexpected damage during the moves or working time.
4. High Engraving Speed: Laser System of 2000Hz, with the rated engraving speed
above 1800 points/second.
5. Steady Performance and Fine Imaging: DPSS air-cooling laser system is featuredin supreme, steady beam for extra fine images.
6. Low Costs: the diode laser technology ensures the stability of the machine and
minimizes the maintenance cost. Normally theres no need to replace the laser diode
in 3~5 years.
7. Extra Large Image Processing: A special algorithm is developed for images sizing
out of the rated scan zone, which can devide and optimize the data of the sections for the final intergration of Max. engraving area up to 100mm*200mm. The system is also equipped with a unique Image Cohering Calibration to adjust the variance both optical and mechanical, cumulated from the long-time operation.
8. Multi File Formats Support: The MeeLaser software could support dxf, cad and engetc.
9. LOG System: Integrated with sophisticated LOG system and is convenient for the
user to examine and supervise the engraving record.
10. Clean & Quiet Operation: High Technology Air-cooling system with no air
Compressor, water pump and high power fan, hence no environment and sound
pollution will be created.
Technical Parameter

Laser Medium
Diode Pump
Wave length of laser
Laser Frequency
Max. resolution
Max. Crystal Size
Electrical source
Cooling system
air cooling
Weight of main Machine
he cube 50*50*80mm crystal:
Engraving speed: 2 minutes (Less than)
The keychain 30*20*15mm crystal
Engraving speed: 15 seconds

Applicable industry
This laser engraving machine, integrated with high-peak power laser system, is not
only applied to crystal or glasss sub-surface engraving but also for most transparent

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