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laser procession
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     With the development of science and tachnology.laser procession is applied to many places.They used for the solar cells which improve the electric field of film solar and so on.On the other hand ,It is apply to the photo chemical processing of DfB、InP and GaN laser .
     Large grain silicon for photovoltaic and display applications is grown on glass as shown in Fig. 6 by the scanning interference laser crystallization. Laser beam induced lift-off of GaN from sapphire substrates is applied to generate free standing thin film GaN substrates, LEDs or other electronic devices

     Laser Procession is used  to providing a quality service, at the right time and at competitive prices. All of the information, regarding quality, that you may need is available as downloads from our companys information.On-site quality audits may be probably by arrangement.

so using laser procession need to know much about the information for the products.May be it is not widing applied ,but it is aroused peoples concern.

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