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High Speed Metal Laser Cutting Machine
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High Speed Metal Laser Cutting Machine


Product Features
1.        CE FDA ISO9001 Approval!
2.        YAG Laser imported from Germany. The optical system adopts German technology, which integrates the mechanical following optical path and laser optical path as an integral and independent part. We have successfully solved the key technology of the Gantry moving solid laser cutting machine
3.        Standard Full Gantry Laser Systems.
4.        CNC : full computer controlled.
5.        Very Long Lifetime and Steady Performance: it has the most mature and stable technology in laser area, it can promise long term.
6.        No contact and mechanical distortion, perfect design effect, easy to cut various fragile products.
7.        Software: our machine accepts designs in vector format for laser cutting and bitmap formats for laser engraving. Typical formats are adobe illustrator,PDF,AutoCAD,JPEG,GIF,TIFF, CDR,DWG,DXF files, etc.
8.        Both plan cutting and surface trimming can be finished by automatic tracing system of YAG laser cutting machine
9.        In comparison with punching it gives a superior edge finish that requires no de-burring or finishing.
10.    Intricate detail & marking are all possible.
11.    Lasers can cut complex shapes without the need for tooling.
12.    Speed is comparable or faster than other profile cutting methods.
13.    Localised heat distortion is reduced.
14.    A polished edge finish can be achieved on stainless steel using a nitrogen assist gas.

YAG laser cutting solution is a leading technology has been widely used in manufacture advertising, billboard, metal processing, high-low voltage electric cabinet, textile machinery, kitchenware, medical appliance etc..
Steels, metal sheet, aluminium, mild steel,stainless steel, carbon steel, , alloy steel, spring steel, nickel steel,iron,brass, copper sheet, silver,titanium,chromium,
steel alloys,steel cutlery,steel cylinders,steel foil,steel mesh,steel pallet,steel panels,steel tag and pipes etc.
Technical Specifications:.

Technical Specifications:.
Cutting Zone
(can be customized depending on application)
Cutting thickness
Laser Route
Fixed Laser Route, Work Piece Moving by Cross Slide Working Table
Transmission Method
Servo Ballscrew
Cutting Positioning
Red Light Pointer
Operating System
Windows XP / 7
Max output power
500W / 650W
Laser wavelength
Driving system
Servo Motor
Cutting precisiom
Electrical source
X/Y/Z axis geometric positioning accuracy
X/Y/Z axis re-orientation accuracy
Control System
Offline Motion Control
Cooling system
7p water cooling
Max cutting speed

package:wooden case
Customer Service
1. We provide one year warranty and lifetime maintenance, not included normal replacement of wearing parts.
2. Also we provide online and telephone service 24 hours a day, when it is necessary, we will send technician to the customer side to solve the problem.
3. User-friendly English manual and CD for machine using and maintaining.
4. Self-developed English software can do all kinds of pattern recognition.
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