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Jewely Laser Welder
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Jewely Laser Welder
FOB Price:
Model #:   HLW200
MOQ:   1set
Packaging:   Wooden Case
Delivery:   20-25days
Main feature:
1.The welding spot energy with distribution uniformity has best characteristic for welding.
2.Adapt to all kinds of complicated welding, various device spot welding and gap welding of within 1mm plate.
3.Adopt ceramic light-gathering cavities imported from England, corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant, recessed life 5-8 years, xenon lamp life 800 million times above.
4.Equipped the special fixture to realize the automatic batch production
Machine Date

Laser material
Laser power
Laser wavelength
Single pulse energy
Max welding depth
Working time
Rated power
Pulse Frequency
Pulse width
0.1~20ms diameter
Light beam balance
Optical fiber output quantity
Both energy spectroscopy and time spectroscopy are available; standard optical fiber: one line, up to four or six lines
Optical fiber diameter

Metal surface welding, electronic components, integrated circuit (IC), electrical appliances, mobile communications, metal products, tools accessories, precision instrument, glasses watches, jewelry accessories, auto parts, building materials, medical devices and metal industry.
Package: wooden case
After sales service
1. The whole set of machine is guaranteed for one year, not including normal
replacement of wearing parts.
2. 24 hour technical support by email or calling
3. User-friendly English manual and Video CD for machine using and maintaining.
4. Our self-developed English software can do all kinds of pattern recognition


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